i THE Whole View

PXXW-S Enkei8A.JPG (6139 oCg) a distant view from a hill.
Enkei4A.JPG (6545 oCg) the floor space is designed to make us feel as if we were in a world made up of clouds.
Enkei3A.JPG (6129 oCg)
Sakuhin16A.JPG (6109 oCg) The front view of a grove coner, big wall (9m~16m),
main statues of a family (3.6m,h) and a pond.
Enkei9A.JPG (6310 oCg) a hill of muses and hill of Friendship are on the back side.
Itis wall on the right side.
A woods corner on the left side with many statues of trees.